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Dr. Christianson aligning a patient before adjustment

Cedar Rapids Chiropractor
Dr. William Christianson

Dr. Christianson makes a point to not just treat his patients’ pain but educate his patients on making healthy lifestyle choices to keep their entire body functioning at its very best.

Dr. Christianson’s chiropractic approach is straight-forward, he believes the most powerful way to relieve pain, whether back pain or other chronic pain, is to correct spinal misalignments through manual adjustments. Christianson Chiropractic strongly believes routine chiropractic care, eating healthy, routine exercise and healthy sleeping habits will make your chiropractic visits much more worthwhile.

Christianson Chiropractic is here to help you feel better by providing you with routine chiropractic care and helping you make healthy lifestyle choices, which in the long term will help you keep chronic illness and injury away. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help you. (319) 399-1285

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